Our Engagement

The day before my 20th birthday Benn took me to South Haven where he had me pampered with a massage, we spent some time on the beach, watched the 5th Harry Potter movie, and finished the day off at my favorite restaurant; Clementine’s!

(While we were eating, I saw him reach into his pocket and I thought he was getting his phone out to make a call as he often does when we’re out eating…but it wasn’t his phone, it was a box.) I was so nervous that I couldn’t eat my favorite meal, the Tugboat Annie steak with delicious crab, shrimp and cheese melted on top.

Thinking it was the ring, I tried to convince myself that he was going to give me earrings or a necklace… and I can honestly say that I forgot about the little box.  We watched the sunset huddled in a blanket about 20 feet from the playground… it was too cold to walk even close to the water.

I took some pictures of the sunset, then Benn asked me to smile for him.  I gave him a silly smile, and went on taking pictures… then he asked me again, and I smiled normally and he pulled out the ring and asked if I would smile for him forever, and I said yes! … then we ran to the car because it was freezing!